Product Feature

Brands trust in our CX Boilerplate because of some amazing features

Code structure with a deeper abstraction level

Follows Proper Coding Standard

Has CLI tool (for rapid prototyping and setup)


Code Splitting

Easy testing tools

Necessary API modules

Server and Client code for setup

Support for Internationalization and Localization

Proper Navigation and Routing Structure

Client Success


Discover the needs of your ConfigureX BoilerPlate

CXBoilerPlates are huge time-savers, sparing developers the need to write tons of code from scratch. The highly customizable boilerplate simply reduces the time by integrating it straight away rather than writing everything from the beginning. You can save upto 80% of the project cost if you are using boilerplates.


Advantages of ConfigureX BoilerPlate

The main benefit of using boilerplates is to reduce the time consumed in software development by reusing primary things. Thus accelerating development.
The code written is comparatively cleaner and easy to debug.

Case study


Case study

Seen Dating App

Case study


Case study

Poker App

Case study


Case study

Fitness App

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    Brands trust in our CI/CD tool because of the amazing advantages associated with it.