Reason to use Kotlin for Android Development

Kotlin as a first-class language for Android, So it’s easy to create projects with kotlin. Android is used with Kotlin code for autocomplete, lint checking, refactoring, debugging, and more.

Kotlin is 2nd loving language use for the android development. It fills that gap of missing modern language for the Android platform.


Some few core features of Kotlin


  • In kotlin, you can write code quickly and spend less time in code review
  • It  Includes smart extension functions to help devs build clean APIs.
  • It allows readers to not only see the code but also run it, change it, play with it, and run it again.
  • Kotlin code is more readable and understandable.
  • It is Versatile for building the server-side application.
  • Interoperable to leverage existing frameworks and libraries of the JVM with 100 percent Java interoperability.


Reason to use Kotlin for Android Development

  • Compatible

Kotlin is fully compatible with JDK 6 using the existing framework and libraries of the JVM. The Kotlin tool is fully supported and compatible with the Android build system.

  • Performance:

Kotlin opens up a new world of possibilities for you to create, to solve same problems in a different way, easy to run and to reduced source code which save time and improves the performance of the application.

Time and efforts

For a Java developer, getting started with Kotlin is very easy. The automated Java to Kotlin converter included in the Kotlin plugin helps with the first steps. This includes annotation processing, so data binding and Dagger work too and to build on java it is faster than java.


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