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Simple & Straight Forward Pricing


Design and Development Agencies

Full Time Employees




as low as $3,000/mo

Super expensive

can range from $50,000 to $100,000+

Super Duper High

you’ll need at least a Front end and back end eng at minimum so you’re looking at $200,000 minimum


it cost you dearly if you can’t manage them. You also have to build an entire team (dev, designer, product manager, QA so it can get costly)

Incentives & Alignment


Very Low

Revolving door, work on your project then leave it to you to figure it out or charge you tens of thousands a month to maintain. Also devs feel no attachment to its success because they are constantly shifting to different projects. Love the word “scope”


Have similar ownership to Linkites because they are actually part of the team and care about the product


Freelancers have to have multiple projects to make a living they aren’t one cohesive team so it’s super hard to communicate