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CX-BoilerPlate: Cutting-Edge Project Starter Kit

Kickstart Your Projects with Excellence Say goodbye to starting from square one. We've honed our craft in crafting a world-class project starter kit that's not only super flexible but also comes packed with valuable features, saving you both time and resources.

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Build Your NFT Website Hassle-Free

Craft Unique NFT Websites Without Coding! ShipNFT empowers you to build NFT websites and AI models using a code-free approach. Create NFT platforms with customized smart contracts and wallets, all without the need to write a single line of code. Share Your Digital Artistry Globally With ShipNFT, there are no restrictions on the number of digital file conversions—you can mint unlimited NFTs on different blockchain networks. Exhibit, list, and mint your NFTs on your personalized NFT website with ease.

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Seamless Integration and Continuous Development

When partnering with us, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your project is well-structured, on schedule, and free from errors. Our advanced CI/CD pipeline streamlines project deliveries, guaranteeing the precision of your applications through automated testing and deployment. Supercharge your upcoming project with our team's CI/CD expertise.

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Develop, Manage, and Authenticate APIs

Empower Your Team with CX API Capabilities Centralize and organize all your API assets, including specs, docs, workflows, tests, metrics, and more, within a dedicated API collection folder. Gain full control and visibility over your API ecosystem effortlessly.

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AI and ML Evolution

Experience the Future of Business with CX AI and ML Models Our tailor-made Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models make your dreams a reality. From brand and credit detection to video classification and metadata analysis, our custom models are here to automate your projects. Partner with Linkites to automate your next endeavor and witness the endless possibilities.

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Elevate Team Connectivity via CX Chat

Unify Your Team and Drive Projects to Success with CX Chat Bridge the gaps and propel your projects to completion with CX Chat. Accelerate tasks with automated setups and limitless communication channels. Empower your team with a faster, more secure alternative to email with CX Chat

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