Web3 – A new paradigm for the Internet.

The internet is undoubtedly the most significant technological development in human history. Although the industry has progressed immensely since its inception, its possibilities are still getting realized.

In the wake of Web1 & Web2, Web3 is the next major turnaround of the Internet; one in which users take back control from the centralized corporations that currently dominate the web. From the static web in Web 1.0, and the dynamic collaborative Web 2.0, the internet is entering its next large-scale swap.

Why is Web3 Relevant

The idea of Web3, the idea of a decentralized, open, and inter-communicable network, was born precisely to create a human-centered internet, a safer, fairer, and more transparent web, which was not to be found in Web2.

The contrast between Web2 & Web3.

Web 2.0 from 2004 till now, is the second stage of the World Wide Web revolution, usually referred to as the read-write web. Emphasis was given to user-generated content, ease of use, participatory culture, and interoperability. Web 2.0 brought about a fundamental shift, where people could share their perspectives, opinions, thoughts, and experiences through a variety of online tools and platforms.

Web3 consists of open trustless networks that are built with open source technologies and are fueled by token economies.

It will get the hang of open, trustless, and permissionless networks.

‘Open’ because they are built from open-source software by an open community of developers.

Trustless’ because the network allows participants to interact without a trusted third party.

Permission less’ because anyone can participate without authorization from a central authority.

It is also important to note that while the drive of Web2 was the arrival of mobile, social, and cloud, Web3 gets driven by the arrival of edge computing, decentralized data networks, and artificial intelligence.

Like Web2, Web3 wants to make the Internet more inclusive but, in contrast, take control away from big corporations like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. It aims to do this by decentralizing the Internet.

Web3 is simply the Internet that belongs to everyone

Agile Methodology for the mobile app development

Nowadays, Increase in the use of Mobile phone so the market of mobile Development grows rapidly, therefore, companies are using an agile methodology for the software and mobile development. Agile approach for developing mobile app focuses on flexible planning, an involvement of customer, risk management early delivery and continuous improvements.

Reasons to use mobile App development with Agile Methodology

Agile development is defined as the ability to move quickly and easily; relating to a method of project management that is characterized by the division of tasks into short phases of work and frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans.

Fast Return on investment

When the mobile application is developed fast with agile methodology is which help in business by driving early ROIs. In the traditional waterfall project development method in which you need to wait for the completion of your project to derive a return on investment but by using agile methodology return is quick.

Reduced Risk

With the Agile Methodology, the risk is reduced for the mobile app development an agile project management process employs the parallel testing model allowing you to track the various mobile application development issues during the frequent deliverables itself. With this, the high transparency followed through scrum management process allows you to report and eliminate the problem of later-stage quality issues from its roots.

Enhanced productivity and a sustainable development environment

With using Agile Methodology for the software and mobile application development productivity is increased due to set of tasks decided for a particular time frame allows the scrum master to check the real-time status of the work and can energize the dedicated teams accordingly.


The Agile methodology has many advantages:

  • It allows you to make changes and adding features at any stage of its development.
  • Testing and development can be performed simultaneously hence projects can be launched sooner.
  • Continuous developer-customer interaction and inter-team interactions lead to good collaborations and better results.
  • Customer satisfaction by continuous and rapid delivery of app modules.




We are working on the Agile methodology to achieve your business goal and for the efficiency of the business.

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Impact of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning & Deep learning on your business.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning & Deep learning affects work life in every sector like healthcare, education, transport insurance labor and law which improves productivity and enhance the outcomes by managing the multiple tasks at same level.

As we are living in the digital world, Our life is around of technology we can’t imagine life without technology like the creation of mobile phones, computer, and internet. All the information, thinking available to us with one click.

Humans can take a very long time to get single information but because of advance technology i.e Artificial intelligence, you will get all types of information in the fraction of seconds. It helps to make your life easier by utilizing intelligent automation such as artificial intelligence , machine learning, and deep learning thus, these three are like a triangle where the AI to be the top that leads to the creation of Machine Learning with a subset of Deep Learning. It helped make a faster and better way of gathering information that cannot be done by humans because of the enormous amount of information available and to help your business grow, keep organized, and stay on top of the competition. Let’s discuss three advantages of deep learning for your company.

Artificial Intelligence

AI as robots with human-like characteristics and aims to create the machine to learn and react like humans. Some of the activities computers with artificial intelligence for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks are designed for include: Ability to manipulate and move objects, perceptions, Knowledge, Reasoning, Speech recognition, Learning, Planning, Problem-solving

Machine learning  

Machine learning is a subset of  artificial intelligence (AI) d facilitates the continuous advancement of computing through exposure to new scenarios, testing, and adaptation, while employing pattern and trend detection for improved decisions in subsequent (though not identical) situations allows computers to handle new situations via analysis, self-training, observation, and experience.


Deep learning

Deep learning is the subset of machine learning using artificial intelligence which is the structure of human brains and has a number of neural networks organized in layers same as the structure of the human brain. Deep learning neural network learns something at the initial level in the hierarchy and sends this information to the next level. The next level takes this simple information, combines it into something that is a bit more complex, and passes it on the third level and process continue at each level.


Impact of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning & Deep learning

Transparency and efficiency

Deep learning helps to get transparency in the business because it helps to analyze large data and it reduces the risk of unexpected failures and eliminates unnecessary expense. Deep learning can be built using historical data, workflow visualization tool, flexible analysis environment, and the feedback loop which helps to determine the possible outcome. therefore it can improve the effectiveness of your sales efforts through this increase in efficiency.

Detecting Spam & Improving Cybersecurity

Deep learning helps to detect spam by using neural networks it uses deep learning to, learn new information from the web, from your company’s data inputs, to develop new understandings, producing accurate, high-quality results and also give cybersecurity by detecting unknown threats quickly.

Using deep learning, your software robots can recognize more data and images, understand spoken language, overcome problems, and work more efficiently.


Cost and time benefit

Deep learning helps to save cost and time through the neural network. Through the neural network, you can train your system to do the task and to adapt and improve in much the same way a human worker learns. Deep learning increases your work efficiency and reduce repetitive task, reduce errors or mistake because software robots work at a much faster rate and never sleep. Also, deep learning is being used in finance for portfolio management, algorithmic trading, loan underwriting, and fraud detection and includes Chatbots and other conversational interfaces for security, customer service, and sentiment analysis.







Reason to use Kotlin for Android Development

Kotlin as a first-class language for Android, So it’s easy to create projects with kotlin. Android is used with Kotlin code for autocomplete, lint checking, refactoring, debugging, and more.

Kotlin is 2nd loving language use for the android development. It fills that gap of missing modern language for the Android platform.


Some few core features of Kotlin


  • In kotlin, you can write code quickly and spend less time in code review
  • It  Includes smart extension functions to help devs build clean APIs.
  • It allows readers to not only see the code but also run it, change it, play with it, and run it again.
  • Kotlin code is more readable and understandable.
  • It is Versatile for building the server-side application.
  • Interoperable to leverage existing frameworks and libraries of the JVM with 100 percent Java interoperability.


Reason to use Kotlin for Android Development

  • Compatible

Kotlin is fully compatible with JDK 6 using the existing framework and libraries of the JVM. The Kotlin tool is fully supported and compatible with the Android build system.

  • Performance:

Kotlin opens up a new world of possibilities for you to create, to solve same problems in a different way, easy to run and to reduced source code which save time and improves the performance of the application.

Time and efforts

For a Java developer, getting started with Kotlin is very easy. The automated Java to Kotlin converter included in the Kotlin plugin helps with the first steps. This includes annotation processing, so data binding and Dagger work too and to build on java it is faster than java.


If you are looking for  Android developers using Kotlin for the projects then share your requirement: info@linkites.com


Role of integration ERP in Ecommerce.!!

ERP stands for “enterprise resource planning.” ERP is a category of software designed to help businesses automate the key types of data, such as shipping/tracking, order, customer, item, and inventory are all linked to your independent systems. These can include everything from product planning and inventory management to accounting and human resources. An ERP is seen by many businesses as the system they run their business on.

ECommerce we can do Internet shopping, online stocking, bond transactions, download and sell software, documents, graphics, music, etc. and business-to-business (B2B) transactions. Implementation of ERP integration is must  with an increase in expansion of business or fast moving business although it is costly but it worth for running your business ineffective and inefficient way to modify current system like to save you from  manual entry , adjust your inventory or sales due to manual entry there may be chances of error or to putting your business at risk. ERP integration save your time, energy and becoming more efficient for Business.

ERP can easily integrate with a Product Information Management (PIM) system to provide your customers with a seamless e-commerce experience and essential for building a strong and profitable business.


Importance of ERP integration

  • Minimizes labor-intensive manual processes
  • Improves inventory control and knowledge
  • Reduces the cost with by adding product data automating
  • Instant and correct inventory updates to your online storefront

ERP integration  helps in the following factor

  • Financials
  • Order processing
  • Sales and marketing
  • Human resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply chain management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Business Intelligence



Here are 6 of the most common benefits of connecting your E-Commerce with your ERP software through integration.


Benefits of ERP Integration with an E-Commerce:

Reduce manual entry to save time and improve the accuracy of catalog data, including item descriptions, images.

Accurate and intuitive product classification is also extremely important in ensuring that consumers find what they are looking for fast. Product attributes that are relevant to product categories make it faster for your customer to find the product they are looking for in a large catalog. As a merchant, you want to have a single source of truth and in most cases, it is the ERP system which may feed data, not just to eCommerce but to other sales channels as well. To achieve this, product-related data like categories, product attributes, and digital assets are saved in the ERP system.

Having a robust integration that reads data feeds in real-time for new or updated products is extremely important in ensuring that all your channels have the same version of the truth.

Reduces Data Redundancy, Human Involvement, and Error

Through e-commerce integration with ERP system, orders placed on your website are automatically transferred to your ERP system in real-time without manual and error-prone duplicate data entry. It’s fast, consistent, and error-free.

Reduce your inventory cost by having updated sales information

All the information about web sales appears in your ERP system promptly. Based on these web transactions, ERP item inventory will also get updated. Thus, with up to date inventory and sales information, an ERP user can plan the purchase in a proper way, thus reducing inventory costs.

Better Customer Service

When you have up-to-the-minute product information, inventory availability in real-time, and order tracking information automatically updated in both your eCommerce and ERP systems, your sales and service staff will have the tools and information they need to provide a fantastic customer experience. And most of the time, satisfied customers keep coming back for more!

Automated Customer Updates

Beyond helping you keep track of information, ERP for retail business lets your customers stay up to date on the status of their orders. When you automate customer updates, you both keep the most anxious customers satisfied and free up your customer service team to handle real problems instead of answering order status questions. You can staff more precisely by reducing the unknown number of calls you may have to field.

Increases Internal Productivity

Integrated systems play a vital role in streamlining several business processes. This has helped lessen the involvement of human resource in the processes. The web sales orders are integrated to the ERP system in real-time, and this helps a back-office ERP user to track the order instantly and start with the further processing. Thus, integration reduces the order fulfillment cycle.




Healthcare Mobile Application Development

Healthcare or medical sector has gone internet through web or mobile, with the advancement of technology like artificial intelligence and blockchain. We can get every information on our fingertips with the single touch and different services and benefits like easy management, patient engagement, data record, easy diagnosis and data security.

How Mobile application helpful for the healthcare industry?

Digital evolution changing the scenario of the healthcare industry and have an impact on the behavior of both patients and medical professionals. The digital device is the best communication channel between health service provider and patient through application or web.


Mobile Application is cost effective for the service provider related to fitness,  yoga or medicines and for the patient due to easy connectivity from any place. Doctors can provide information related to any medical treatment, the patient can rate and write reviews on the facilities in the hospital or the clinic, etc and can also schedule appoints through the mobile application. It helps in saving cost and time.

Care Coordination between patient and doctor

Mobile application helps to make perfect coordination between patient and doctor by connecting with patients online. Through Mobile App get an online consultation, free hospital visits, and unlimited follow-ups by connecting with specialists on voice or video calls to ask questions and seek for help for any problems.


Linkites is a leading healthcare app development company, delivering best mobile applications to healthcare companies, hospitals & pharmaceutical companies and also provide custom healthcare application for consultation, monitor their blood sugar, heart rate and other important parameters, etc. Our professional development team is proficient in health app development, making them capable of understanding the unique requirements of this domain and enriching solutions with the right features.

Healthcare application development process and meets clients’ requirements with the full stack of medical app development services, covering:

  • Business analysis
  • UI design
  • Application development
  • Back-end implementation
  • App Integration to integrate data (billing, registration and scheduling system)
  • Efficient, protected and Encrypted Data Transmissions.
  • Wearables & Device Integrations.
  • Data security assurance.


Beim Healthcare app

Linkites healthcare application



We will help you choose the best technology according to the project requirement, be it native iOS and Android or cross-platform development.

To create applications that run across several devices, and support all type of device we use Xamarin and Cordova as reliable cross-platform development tools. While Xamarin offers high performance and near-native UI, Cordova allows relatively faster development and deployment.


Some of the most impactful trends and technologies that affect the health care system are as follows.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence helps these apps will allow the patients to conduct a self-examination test, reducing the frequency of clinic visits, and also reduce the number of human errors.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology used in the mobile application helps in recording and preserving the patient data in a much-secured way. It is considered to be quite a hectic task, which will become easier with its deployment.

Internet of Things in Healthcare

The Internet of Things in healthcare can simply get connected with advanced devices and medical equipment to carry out better operation during the treatment process. It also helps in providing information, knowledge With the advance of deep learning, image recognition, and neural networks more and more app developers will be rolling out apps based on the IoT.



Digital Mobile solution changes the healthcare scenario. We can help you design and develop customized Mobile Healthcare Solutions to small, medium and large businesses across the globe. Share your requirement at info@linkites.com or Get a Free Quote





Hybrid Mobile application development with ionic 4

Ionic is a mobile app development framework and it is targeted at building hybrid mobile apps. Hybrid apps are little small websites running in a browser shell in an app that has access to the native platform layer. Hybrid apps have many benefits like native apps, specifically in terms of platform support, the speed of development, and access to the third-party code.

Ionic 4.0.0-beta.0 versions of the Ionic 4 framework is already announced and an ionic team is working hard on the final release of ionic alpha. Ionic 4 is introducing new performance and build time improvements, powerful theming capabilities, multi-framework compatibility, brand new documentation and much more.

Ionic is an open-source front-end framework for the development of hybrid mobile apps. Ionic is both framework a CSS and a Javascript UI library. It is built on top of AngularJS to provide the application structure, while ionic mainly focused on the look, feel, and UI interactions of an app.

Since Ionic is an HTML5 framework, it needs a native cover like Cordova or PhoneGap in order to run as a native app. We recommend using Cordova proper for mobile apps, and the Ionic tools will use under Cordova.

Install the Ionic Framework and Cordova using npm :-

Open a terminal window  or a command window, and install Cordova and Ionic then run

npm install -g Cordova ionic

To install Cordova, make sure you have Node.js installed, then run –

$ sudo npm install -g Cordova

After installing Cordova and Ionic installed on your computer, make sure you update to the latest version.

Application building and testing through commands:-


You can also build your mobile application using the Cordova commands. To build an application in the iOS –

$ ionic Cordova build ios

And to run an application in the iOS –

$ ionic Cordova emulate ios

Testing on Android is much easier and faster. To test on the device, simply plug it in, and run

$ ionic Cordova run android

Upgrading an Ionic 3 application to ionic 4

Ionic is one of the coolest frameworks for developing hybrid mobile apps and progressive web applications. We are very excited to work on an updated version of the ionic framework that is ionic 4.

As Linkites going to start working on v4, You can share your project requirements with us. Change to routing is one of the biggest changes in ionic 4. Ionic 4 now uses native Angular Routing with a little bit of a twist. you will need to map those components to routes, Instead of pushing components directly into ion-nav. There is also some Changes in styles encapsulation, changes in providers’ attributes for components, methods, etc.

Some of the  applications

Developed Amazing High-Performance Apps  for any Platform based on Ionic:

Ionic Application: satvik


Benefits of choosing ionic 4 framework

  • The ionic framework gives you the opportunity to work on across Android, IOS, Windows & any other operating systems.
  • An ionic framework is an open source free platform.
  • Ionic uses Angular as the primary framework which could be used to modify into web applications as well.
  • An ionic framework has a vast community and active as well. constantly buzzing with developments, information, solutions to issues, a crucial aspect to consider for programmers.
  • An ionic framework helps in Building an application without a moment’s delay and it should be compatible with all mobile devices.


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