Meteor Development

The practice of Meteor development in Linkites has been started by Virendra Chouhan 2 years back when he first developed BookShelf app on Meteor platform. Now Linkites has 7+ Meteor developers everyone has a strong hand on Meteor, Angular, Mongo, Node.js, React.js, Service deployment and setup.

Why Meteor?

SpeedBecause Meteor uses one language on the frontend and backend, it dramatically speeds development time and is great for rapid prototyping. This coupled with our agile development process yields more iteration cycles per time period and more learning "runway" to help you build a successful product.

Quality Meteor is a more elegant way to code and simplifies the code base. Both developers and clients love it because less code = fewer bugs = higher product quality and stability.

Cross Platform Flexibility Meteor now makes it possible to leverage one code base for desktop, iOS and Android applications, and the ability to update them all much more easily than ever before. This is huge.

Our Most Recent Meteor Projects


Finding a home has never been easier. With Rent Scene, you can search condos, townhouses, multi-family homes, resort properties and residential homes for rent, even rent-to-own properties. Apartments for rent are constantly added every day.

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The "Estante do Designer" is a closed social networking website, for designers to share the books they are reading and what they think about them and for them to see what their friends are reading and what they think about their books.

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All Said is a membership community that promotes consumer rights, good quality customer service and the growth of reputable businesses.

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