Donald Trump won US Election over Mrs. Clinton giving a clear path to the White House.

With a sizeable stake in the outcome, India, too, is waiting to see Donald Trump next leader for the American. World is waiting for the change Mr. Modi and Mr. Trump the two aggressive leaders working for biggest economies of the world.  In the run-up to the 2014 polls in India, Modi’s slogan was to bring back ‘Achche Din‘. The Trump campaign slogan is to ‘Make America Great again‘. A good friends can work for better developments of the economy.

The correction in Indian market after a Trump win is likely to offer good buying opportunities for investors.  Trump understand business with no experience in politics, As a businessman he realizes the potential of Indian market and has personally invested here so it can be assumed that government led by Trump would be bullish on Investment in India.

Trump has expressed extremely strong views against Islamic terrorism and Islamist states. This is fantastic news for India “terrorist your countdown starts”

Indians play a major role in the development of American industries (most of them serving as top management); no president (including Trump, who is a businessman himself) will ever try to lose the support of Indians.

Trump  winning has a positive signs on wining the elections over IT and different sectors of Economy fingers crossed with hoping for the BEST.