Strategic HR Head

Job: 9-12 years exp


The scope of Strategic HR Head responsibilities spans across departments. Because the role involves future-oriented development processes, Strategic HR Head often functions as administrators, organizational planners, ethical and cultural managers, resource strategists, and retention specialists.

Beyond managing the HR professionals who are at the recruitment and people management frontlines, there are several tasks that a Strategic HR Head must perform day-to-day to achieve company goals and meet key performance indicators (KPIs).

Take a look at this list of responsibilities

· Work with the CEO to create an HR strategy and build an organizational culture that aligns with the company’s objectives

· Lead and facilitate the recruitment and staffing process in accordance with organizational guidelines, best practices, and budgetary guidelines

· This Strategic HR Head will be a trusted strategic consultant to the leadership team in all areas of HR including organizational development, workforce planning, change management, complex employee relations, reward and recognition, talent management and cultural change to achieve a high-performance culture.

· Strategic HR Head needs to have the capability to influence and gain credibility with senior leaders and managers that he/she may support, build relationships and their trust. He/She should be resilient, self-sufficient and have experience working through cultural change. He/she should be a technical expert in the area of HR, able to provide effective advice on all matters of the employee life cycle and are comfortable working at the operational and strategic levels

· Ensure that continuous enhancement of HR procedures and policies

· Develop and implement a comprehensive onboarding system throughout the entire employee life cycle

· Create strategies that enhance employee development, engagement, and career progression

· Address key HR issues and avoid potentially costly events that might interfere with company goals

· Provide strategic focus in the creation of training and employee development initiatives

· Develop and spearhead a growth-focused appraisal process, including conducting mid- and/or end-of-year reviews

· Work with the Finance Head to ensure that the company’s compensation systems and goalposts are periodically reviewed and enhanced to ensure motivation, retention, and attraction of employees

· Support HR initiatives by guiding HR managers and supervisors in line with company goals

These are wide-ranging duties, and they can vary depending on our organization’s goals.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise

  • Advise on HR Policy & Procedures
  • Apply Basic Financial Concepts
  • Apply Consulting Methodologies
  • Apply Knowledge of HR Strategy
  • Implement HR Programs & Policies & Strategies

Preferred Technical and Professional Expertise

  • Relevant experience of 9-12 Years
  • Employee Engagement
  • Performance Management
  • Talent Management