Machine Learning Engineer

Job: 2-5


We are seeking an ML Engineer.

The ML Engineer will be responsible for delivering scalable, low latency, and high-performance Machine Learning solutions for different product use-cases, and to create language models from text data.

Design & implementation of Machine Learning models for solving business problems.
Building Machine Learning models using libraries such as NumPy, pandas, scikit-learn, nltk, etc.

Skills and Qualifications
Hands-on experience with Deep Learning libraries like Pytorch, Tensorflow, or Keras and Databases (SQL and/or NoSQL).
Ability to effectively work within and contribute to a collaborative team environment.
Highly motivated, organized, proactive self-starter, learner, and a team player.
Experience in building containerized ML applications/microservices using Docker and (or) AWS is a Plus.
Experience in Continuous Integration and Delivery/Development (CI/CD), Git is a Plus. Proficient with Training of Detection/Classification/Segmentation Models with Tensorflow/PyTorch