Can Video Shopping change the eCommerce industry ?

Many Video platforms even #Facebook, #Youtube, #Instagram and various social media are coming up with Video posting features reflecting the User behavior as Videos are 1000 times more integrative and explanatory than a Static Image.

Also, there are many startups coming up in Video shopping #VideoTagging but this Mumbai based startup called #Toch impress me the most in this industry. Toch is an interactive video shopping experience platform to discover celebrities fashion style and movies location on a Touch !

This machine learning and Artificial Intelligence startup just not only allow user to discover information but also help Fashion designers to use their Video Content and convert them in a new #Shoppingexperience using #Videoshopping. Right now #TochVideotagging is available for Android and iPhone users but on their blog they mentioned to open doors for Window and web user too ‘ Mytoch source’ .

Guys if you come across any other product or startup in VideoeCommerce please comment or any information related to Video tagging .