Redux Development

There are a couple important goals for Redux that you need to keep in mind to understand the benefit of redux i.e Deterministic View Renders and Deterministic State Reproduction. Determinism is important for application testability and diagnosing and fixing bugs. If your application views and state are non deterministic, it’s impossible to know whether or not the views and state will always be valid. You might even say that non determinism is a bug in itself. Redux has caught on so much that it’s not just being used for React anymore. You can find Redux architecture implementations for other frameworks also, including Angular 2. With a few simple operators you can implement Redux-like state machine, schedule animation or deal with any type of events no matter whether it’s WebSocket message or filling in the text input.

Our Most Recent Redux Projects

freebird rides

An application which brings offer in just few clicks, user can pick a bar or restaurant and request a ride. User will hail the Uber, input the location of the place they would like to dine and get the ride free.

How rid will be free: Once done with lunch/dinner user needs to upload the snapshot of bill then amount of ride will be transferred in their account.

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