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Biem is the first virtual sexual health clinic that eliminates the awkwardness, shame and inconvenience that prevents people from getting tested and talking to their sexual partners about STDs.

With the Biem app you can:
Video chat one-on-one with a sexual healthcare provider
Get tested for STDs at home or a nearby lab
Receive results on your phone and show verified results to sexual partners
Be notified if a sexual partner tests positive for an STD within the next 6-month duration (opt-in)
Get PrEP and get treated for STDs as needed

50% of people with an STD don’t know they have one, but with Biem, there’s finally no excuse to not get tested.

**For a limited time: Use the code BIEMNYC to receive your first one-on-one consultation for $10 (reg. $45)

biem (\beem\): rhymes with the word team and stands for break in case of emergency.

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